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Why do I paint in a series?

What are the advantages? After all I didn't start out that way...

In the beginning I used to paint each individual painting, working on one composition at a time until it was finished, and they were good paintings. However, after listening to more experienced artists I soon came to realise that wasn't a good use of my studio time. I also learnt that it was really helpful for the creative process to use sketch book and loose work on paper, to have a practical place to work out colour pallets and composition ideas, prior to working on bigger pieces, like these shown above.

This particular group of paintings is part of a small series of work, that was inspired by my eldest grandson.

He was coming towards the end of a particular phase of gruelling physical training, and the last thing he needed to complete successfully, were a series of parachute jumps carried out in a variety of different conditions. This was was at the fore front of my mind, and was the spark that ignited the inspiration for the 'Undercover County' series.

I began by experimenting with the colour pallet on the small works on paper, using acrylic paint, inks and collage, and that grew into the larger pieces on board and canvas. It was great fun to do and it kept me focused, whilst trying not to worry too much about my grandson throwing himself into the clouds from great heights!!

In this little video clip of their first jump, he is the first one out...

Needless to say - and I never doubted his determination to be the best he could he passed all the rest of the jumps with flying colours. I couldn't be more proud of all his achievements Xxx

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