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I create contemporary paintings rich in texture and layers. They have impact from a distance, but with a depth of life and interest when considered more closely.

One of my favorite paintings, i love the colours and what inspired it.
Influences of Dartmoor
Dartmoor weather inspired
How we express ourselves is important for everyone. How we choose to do that, is a unique facet of our personality.
Maybe you like to have beautiful things around you?
Perhaps your self expression comes from the art you choose? Inside the quiet introvert is a colourful exuberant side?
Or maybe the extrovert, likes a quiet peaceful painting?
How do you express your self? 
Close crop of Spring Breeze
Reflections, is available to buy
Talk to the Wall, is available to buy on my shop page
For me, I like to become absorbed in the process of my art work. Until each piece expresses something felt more deeply, than the spoken word could convey...
So this is me. I take my work as an artist and therapist seriously -
but not myself...X

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Lynn Brookes artist at large

2023     Bruton Art Society 70th  Annual Exhibition 

                19th to 26th August

2022     Bruton Art Society Annual Exhibition 

                Winner of the Runner Up Prize - Drama Moorland 1

2022     HomeFrame Gallery. Plymouth. UK

2021      HomeFrame Gallery. Plymouth. UK

2021      Bruton Art Society - Annual Exhibition

2019      Talent Gallery. Wellington. Somerset

2018      HomeFrame Gallery. Plymouth. UK

Upcoming Events


2023     Open Studios 16th Sept to Oct 1st


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