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Everything, that's what...

Hello art friends

Gosh we've been bold, the partner and I.

Quite literally everything in my life is new.

We've moved house, that's always fun.

We have moved towns, and counties.

I got a new job, heaps of new work colleagues, and a new Studio! My old lady head might explode...

I know most people don't really like change, I don't mind it, but this was quite a lot to take on board even for me.

So we don't know anyone, or the area, but taking that leap of faith is probably one of the best things that we have done for ourselves. Because as luck would have it we have fallen on out feet purely by accident.

The house is in a lovely setting in Somerset, on the edge of a great little town, with super lovely people. And I get to see these two in my neighbours paddock from the bedroom window.

So not a bad view.

My new job - that keeps me out of trouble when I'm not painting - I've joined a terrific team and I'm using many of my 'therapy skills and knowledge' with my current client group.

But most importantly, my new studio/therapy space, is in a fabulous setting, amongst other like minded creatives. I have met the others in my part of the building, all women doing incredibly well in there chosen field of creativity, and I'm sure that energy will rub off on me. I haven't met everyone on the rest of the site yet, as I'm busy with day job. But I know they are there and I'll look forward to catching up with all of them once my schedule settles down.

Here is the link to have a look at where I am. Finding this glorious place was pure luck as well, I just happened upon another estate agent that I hadn't seen before, and the rest is history. So in every way I have a lot to grateful for right now.

One of the nice empty spaces, so clean.

I have three rooms effectively and this one is the largest. Here's a before shot...

Still Looks quite tidy...

Filling up nicely - but I haven't actually started getting the paint out yet.

Still fiddling and moving things around.

And at this point I don't think anything has found it's final resting place...

I haven't really begun to paint properly yet, and already I feel like I could do with even more space. But it's only in the last couple of weeks that I've been into the studio and done anything even vaguely painterly. Up until now it's been utter tosh, only fit for the bin. But that's the way it goes until I can establish a new rhythm.

However, I'm pleased to report that the paints are well and truly out, and things are beginning to make more sense again, which is good news as I thought I'd lost what little skill I have.

These shots are taken by me lying on the floor. I'm trying to take some close-ups of specific areas within a painting, when the farm cat, who shouts loudly at the door until you let him in, 'photo bombs the pics'. He is very handsome though, but he can be a tad savage if he thinks you've over stepped the mark!!

Here are some cropped areas of the work in progress.

I love these close up areas that just give the viewer a flavour of the texture, and mark making in the whole piece.

Anyway I'm going to continue with being brave and enter a local juried art show, as the deadline to enter is looming. So wish me luck and I'll let you know if I get through the judging rounds.

In the mean time take care of yourselves.

P.S. Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter, where you can be the first to see new work, or a treat.

Plus you can always contact me or call to book a studio visit.

Lynn Xx

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