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Autumn has arrived…

…quite suddenly too.

I was enjoying the September sun and light so much, and then all too soon it was all over! The leaves fell off the trees and became scattered, right along with my ability to stay focused on my art work (maybe I would be if I had some time with it). Just going into my studio made me feel bad, because I couldn’t seem get anything really good going, which made me feel unproductive, and doubting my abilities. I did some a warm up exercises, and I’ve made heaps of collage papers, which often gets me back in the groove, but it didn't help this time.

Then it dawned on me that my makeshift studio, isn’t as organised as it needs to be. I’m not fanatically tidy, but I do like to know where things are and that there is some kind of order, I don’t do well in muddle. But my current muddled loft studio has made me feeing horribly discombobulated – lovely word. As it is in the loft, it is a tricky space with limited head room as the ceiling falls away into the eaves, and I’m quite tall; so after clumping my head a few times that was the final straw that made me irritated enough to motivate towards some activity, to get it sorted out.

So with the acceptance that things aren’t going to change ‘studio wise’ anytime soon, then I need to make the best of what I’ve got and get on with it. It’s meant creating zones. Stuff I don’t need access to all the time can go towards the eaves, it meant dragging up a folding shelving unit up there, which I forgotten I had, so that stuff I use all the time, isn’t in boxes the floor, covered with other stuff. But up on a shelf within easy reach. I shared this video on Instagram @lynnbrookesart. But in case you missed it then here it is again.

All simple enough stuff because we all know it, but it proves that in today's ever increasing busy live styles, we humans can sometimes forget what we already know.

It has a happy ending though, as these two are a little sample of my latest series.

Have a good month

Lynn Xx

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