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Walking down your High Street stark naked!!

"That was a topic of a recent dream!"

Putting yourself out there, is like walking down your high street stark naked! It really is. If you've ever dreamt or felt this  yourself, you will know exactly what I mean. Let's take a few steps back and I'll put it into context, why the inner most workings of my psyche impinged on my dreaming world.

As anyone who is self-employed, or has been required to promoted themselves in anyway using social media, you will know what I'm talking about? And you have to learn new stuff! I've been putting myself out there as a self-employed person for a while now, in various guises. Marketing and promoting myself has formed a portion of managing my business. However as we, the general public, comsume stuff on an ever increasing menu of platforms, portfolio entrepreneurs like myself need to become increasingly learned in many more of these areas, than we have knowledge about. Of course if you have grown up with these phenomenons as they evolved, it'll be a breeze.

If however you are like me and need to learn how to do something, relatively simple, before you can even begin to do the thing you actually wanted to do in the first instances: then you'll understand. If you have had similar experiences, you'll instantly realises that this can become quite frustrating, even taxing!! I'd like to add here that I'm not a complete useless idiot, but a mature woman, who was already on a variety of platforms, and have a rudementary understanding to make me look fairly well informed. But if you're required to increase your learning and the full why's and wherefore's of why you need to do things in greater depth, it does make your head explode!

I'd already started and published my new web site, so I had already managed to gain a loose grasp on creating something for the 'world wide inter web'. But attempting to understand the internal workings of Instagram and Pinterest etc, has given my synapses the equivalent of a full gym workout. Phewy.

The probelm with that is that I have to keep going back to the begining of numerous U.Tube tutorials and videos - back and forth - as it does take a while for some things to be understood and sink in. For example I watched a Pinterest tutorial and the lovely person said it would be a quick five minute job to do X Y and Z. Three quarters of a day later, I acheived the five minute job! Can I say though, the sheer relief and massive sense of achievement when something eventually sort of works, is immense and requires marking immediatly with a whoop and an air punch. Yes.

I have noticed that there has been a unexpected gain and side-effect from all of this mind bending. And that is I can be seriously competative now whilst watching quiz programmes, quite often beating 'him-in-doors' to the correct answers - yes another air punch and share a celebratory high-five with the dog!

But all this activity as I first eluded to, is great but it does mean that your putting yourself out there and exposing yourself, - hence the dream sequence, - holding yourself up for judgement and public scrutiny! It requires a degree of confidence to take the plunge, but once you do it the first time, it becomes like most things, much easier. And for anyone who's concerned the naked dreams do stop. And joy of joys you can follow me on Instagram and Pinterest.

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