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Oil & coldwax on board, framed in white. 61x61 cms inc' frame.


'Talk To The Wall', Have you ever had that feeling where you might just as well have been talking to the wall? Yeah, me too! It was one of those coversations that triggered me to make this painting.


The thumnail photos, show the marks and texture made in the paint, that create a lot of close up interest.


Pehaps you need to buy this painting, so you have your own unique peice of wall to talk to?

* Please contact me if you would like to own this with a 50% deposit and pay in instalments.


To create this one I used layers of oil paint and cold wax, that I could scratch into to reveal what wa benenth the surface. When completely dry the surface can be buffed to a sort satin finish.


Contemporary abstract paintings for home and interiors

Talk To The Wall

£650.00 Regular Price
£455.00Sale Price
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